Faucet Repair Replacement

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Faucet Repair Replacement

Need Faucet Repair?

A dripping or leaky faucets in your home or business can be aggravating, but can also turn out to be costly if ignored! Do not let a malfunctioning faucet run up your water bill and annoy your family or employees, call ACS Plumbing today and let us find the cause. We know all about faucet repair and replacement.

In many cases faucet washers deteriorate and cause slow drips, while a broken valve may cause leaking faucets and can eventually lead to damage to walls, floors and other fixtures. Call the plumbing experts at ACS Plumbing today and let us diagnose the problem and get those leaky faucets repaired.

Why risk spending hundreds of extra dollars a year for a quick repair to a broken washer? Instead, call in our highly skilled plumbers to identify the problem and get it fixed. Over time, the money you spend having a leaky or dripping faucet repaired will likely save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. Do not risk additional damage by ignoring a leaking or dripping faucet.

Here at ACS Plumbing, we are fully prepared to handle your leaky faucet problems in and all around Central Florida. No job is too big or too small for ACS Plumbing! With years of experience, we get the job done right!

1.Know the Facts!

The United States Environmental Protection Agency reveals, “On an average, leaks can cause almost 10,000 gallons of wastage in a home every year, and this amount is sufficient to fill a swimming pool. The most common issues of leakage are dripping faucets, leakage in toilet flappers, or leaking valves, all of which can be easily fixed. However, among these, the most prominent leakage issue is caused by a dripping faucet; fixing one can save almost 10 percent of a homeowner’s water bill.”

2.What causes your Faucet to Drip?

There may be several reasons behind why your faucet is dripping. Discussed herewith are some major causes of a dripping faucet.

1. Problem in the O ring — A stem screw is used to hold the handle of a faucet in place. This stem screw comprises of a small disc attached to it, known as the O ring. This is an integral point wherein dripping can occur. The O ring can become loose or wear out over regular usage, causing the faucet to drip near the handle. Replacing the damaged O ring can fix the dripping faucet, if this is the issue. This problem occurs specifically in cartridge faucets.

2. Corroded Valve Seat — A valve seat serves as a connection between the faucet and the spout in compression mechanism. Accumulation of water sediments can cause the valve seat to corrode, causing leakage around the spout area. Make sure that you clean the valve seat regularly, with the help of a professional plumber.

3. Worn out Washer — This is one of the most common causes behind a dripping faucet. During each use, the washer is forced against the valve seat, and this constant friction and resistance causes it to wear out. As a result, dripping is noticed around the spout. Dripping caused due to worn out rubber washers in a compression faucet can be mended by replacing the washer as soon as possible.

4. Improper installation of Washer — Often, if the washer is not installed properly or is not of the right size, it can cause leakage. Acquire professional help in installing the washer correctly and you can say adios to the leakage problem.

5. Loose Parts — Due to continuous usage, the adjusting ring and packing nuts in the steam screw may become loose, causing leakage near the handle of the faucet. If there is leakage from the handle, either you need to tighten the packing nut or completely replace it.

6. Worn out Seals — Inlet and outlet seals are an intrinsic part of disc faucets. Upon constant usage, sediment can accumulate inside the assembly, causing the seals to wear out. This is one of the reasons behind a dripping faucet. Hire a plumber to clean the water sediments regularly from the inlet and outlet seals to make sure that you have your faucet mechanism working properly. You can also replace the seals with duplicates for better functioning.

7. Broken Plumbing — Though rarely, a dripping faucet may also be caused due to a broken pipe or fittings. Broken pipes develop cracks that may interfere with the water pressure and lead to faucet dripping from time to time. In case you have tried all the above mentioned solutions and the issue remains unfixed, you should hire an experienced plumber to check your water pipes.

Understanding why a faucet is leaking is crucial to fixing it properly. Fix the drip before you end up losing some more sleep and money over it!